Scout Tree Drive

Christmas Tree Curbside Pickup and Recycling Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA

Scouts will be in Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA on Saturday January 4th 2025 to pickup your Christmas tree curbside in exchange for a donation. THANK YOU to the residents and sponsors who support Scouting each year!


Troop 571 - Overall drive planning and coordination

Chipper and Tree Drop Planning

Troop 571 - City of Sammamish - Chipper site permits
Troop 571 – DTG, for north Sammamish recycling and all Sunday recycling
Troop 751 – Devoted Tree, for local chippers in Sammamish
Troop 751 – Highlands designed drop zone (if needed)

Large Trucks or Trailers

ALL TROOPS - Evaluate need for large truck or trailer to facilitate your tree drive.  Reserve trucks early (October/November).

Troop 571 - Trailer from Rotary?

Promotion - Door Hangers

ALL TROOPS - HOA approval to deliver door hangers to condos/apartments in your area.
ALL TROOPS - Mid-December door hanger distribution to residents in your assigned areas.

Troop 677 - Door hanger master, printing and distribution to troops

Promotion - Street Signs

Troop 751 - Street signs maintenance, placement, pickup

Promotion - 228th Street Banner

Troop 571 - 228th Avenue banner reservations, banner delivery and pickup.

Promotion - Other

ALL TROOPS - One designated photographer per Troop for group and activity photos.

Troop 751 - website
Troop 751 - Issaquah Reporter
Troop 751 - Maintain resident sign-up list for drive reminders. Send reminder.
Troop 751 - Social media

Day of Drive

ALL TROOPS - Tree pickup!
ALL TROOPS - Monitoring email for missed tree notifications from residents.

Troop 636 - Lunch
Troop 636 – Unloader.  One adult all day at Beaver Lake Park
Troop 751 - Lunch for Devoted Tree crew
Troop 751 - Email dispatching of resident questions and missed tree notifications.

Day After Drive

ALL TROOPS - Missed tree pickups and delivery to DTG.


Troop 571 - Treasurer and payment disbursement