Scout Tree Drive

Christmas Tree Curbside Pickup and Recycling Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA

Scouts will be in Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA on Saturday January 8th 2022 to pickup your Christmas tree curbside in exchange for a donation. THANK YOU to the residents who support Scouting each year!


Troop 571 - Overall drive planning and coordination

Transfer Site Planning (Gray Barn)

Troop 571 - Transfer site selection, reservations, permissions and management


Troop 571 - Treasurer and online payments


ALL TROOPS - Envelope distribution

Troop 677 - Envelope master & printing

Large Trucks

Manning shared expense large trucks each with 2 adults (driver and navigator) and a large scout
Troop 571 – two trucks
Troop 636 – Troop 636 will have 2 large Penske trucks cycling through the West Beaver Lake Park, parking lot ... in addition to our other Troops that may be using this as a temporary drop zone and picking up here. Trees should be left along the south edge of the main lot there for pickup.


ALL TROOPS - One designated photographer per Troop for group and activity photos.

Troop 571 & 5749 - 228th Avenue Banner
Troop 751 - Street signs maintenance, placement, pickup
Troop 751 - website
Troop 751 - Issaquah Reporter
Troop 751 - Maintain resident sign-up list for drive reminders. Send reminder.

Day of Drive

ALL TROOPS - Tree pickup

Troop 636 - Lunch at Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church (NO LUNCH FOR 2021)

Troop 571 – One adult all day at Grey Barn
Troop 751 – One adult 10am to 1pm at Grey Barn
Troop 636 – One adult 1pm to 4pm at Grey Barn

Troop 751 - Email dispatcher and phone dispatcher

Troop 636 - Room for unit dispatchers to meet on tree drive day