Scout Tree Drive

Christmas Tree Curbside Pickup and Recycling Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA

Scouts will be in Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA on Saturday January 2nd 2021 to pickup your Christmas tree curbside in exchange for a donation. THANK YOU to the residents who support Scouting each year!

2021 is our 36th year and second year with a girl Troop joining our effort!

The Scout troops of Sammamish, WA have performed Christmas tree curbside pickup and recycling as our primary fundraiser since Christmas 1985. Your donations are a critical part of our ability to provide a quality Scouting program for local youth. We thank you for your support.


Support Scouting in your neighborhood and have your tree recycled!
Please place your tree and donation curbside by 8:00 AM
Suggested donation is $15-$25 per tree

Donation Options
Attach check to tree payable to: "Scouts BSA"
Donate online:


  • We pickup in Sammamish and the Issaquah Highlands, WA in exchange for a donation.
  • No advance reservation required.

Leaving Your Tree for Curbside Pickup - The Do's

The suggested donation is $15-$25 per tree. All your donations go directly to fund the local Scouting programs here in Sammamish. This is our main fundraiser for the year and we appreciate your support! Here are the donation options:

Donate with a check attached to the tree

Please make check payable to "Scouts BSA". Place the check in an envelope. Place the envelope inside a Ziploc style bag to protect against rain or moisture. Attached the bag to the bottom of the tree with a rubber band. Thank you for your donation!

Donate with PayPal

Skip the check and make your tree donation online! A PayPal account is not required. Note we need your street address when making your donation. Visit our Donate with PayPal page.

Tree Placement

Please place the tree curbside in front of your residence. If that is not possible, place the tree at the nearest cross street corner. Trees need to be out by 8:00 AM Saturday thank you!

If you would prefer to drop off your tree, you may leave your tree and donation at our chipper location shown on the Bring Us Your Tree page.

The Don'ts

For safety reasons and recycler request, we cannot accept trees with tinsel, flocked trees, trees with nails, artificial trees, wreaths with metal shape wires, or trees with any other metal attached.  Also - please no trees that used a fire retardant. Thank you for understanding.

Please do NOT leave trees piled next to our signs, near dumpsters or other locations. Leave the tree curbside in front of your residence.

Questions or Missed Tree? Street SignThis is an all volunteer effort by Scouts and adults.  Should you have any questions, encounter issues, or we missed your tree, please Contact Us.

If your envelope has gone missing, any envelope may be used. If an envelope did not make it to your door, but you are wondering if we pickup in your neighborhood, please check the Coverage Area Map.  If you are still unsure, use the Contact Us page.

No Tree to Recycle, but still want to support Scouting in Sammamish?

If you do not have a tree to recycle on our recycling day, or use an artificial tree, you can still support Scouting right here in Sammamish and the Issaquah Highlands through a direct donation. Please see the Donate with PayPal page. Thank you!

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