Scout Tree Drive

Christmas Tree Curbside Pickup and Recycling Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA

Scouts will be in Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands, WA on Saturday January 7th 2023 to pickup your Christmas tree curbside in exchange for a donation. THANK YOU to the residents who support Scouting each year!

Do you pickup at my address? We pickup in Sammamish, WA including the Issaquah Highlands. Please click the Coverage Area Map for specific areas. If your residence is within the map, then yes we do pickup in your neighborhood. If you live outside our coverage area, we cannot provide pickup. We do not pickup nor can help with pickup in other areas of Seattle, or outside of Washington state.  Please see Regional Tree Drives for other recycling efforts.

I live in an apartment complex or condominium. Do you pickup at my address? Yes. Scouts will check each complex.  Please consult with the management or condo association for the best location.  Often residents leave their tree curbside in the parking lot on grass in a location acceptable to all residents.  

I lost my door hanger, or didn't receive one.  You may use any envelope in this case. Please note, no door hangers are delivered to the Issaquah Highlands per homeowners association request. Simply place your donation in an envelope or ziploc bag (if raining) attached to the tree or Donate with PayPal. Thank you!

Do I need to give you my address for the pickup? No address needed. If your home is inside the Coverage Area Map, leave your tree curbside with donation, and our troops will be driving through your neighborhood.

I forgot to provide payment, how can I get a payment to you? No problem. You can donate online on the Donate with PayPal page and please provide your street address with payment.

You missed my tree, can you pick it up? If we missed your tree on Saturday, please let us know using the form below. We do everything we can to not miss a tree but it does happen. If you alert us to a missed tree on Saturday, we may be able to collect it on Sunday. For safety reasons Scouts do not collect trees after dark.

Other questions, use the form below. Provide your full street address and city please.

Thank you for your support of the Scout Tree Drive!