Each year the following companies provide generous support for the tree drive by donating the use of valuable equipment.  The Sammamish Boy Scout troops hope you will support these companies that make the tree drive possible.  Thank you!

Cedar Grove

Cedar GroveAs an industry-leading environmental solutions company, Cedar Grove harnesses the vitality of organic waste by recycling it into innovative products. In doing so, we energize cities, businesses and citizens to be a force for good by coming full circle with their organic waste.

Cedar Grove also plays an important role in diverting organic waste from landfills. At two local facilities, we compost more than 350,000 tons of residential and commercial yard and food waste annually.

Using nature as our guide and proven technology, we're responsible for transforming waste materials into inventive products that benefit our community. We divert supposed "waste" that would otherwise be mixed in with trash and shipped to landfills and transform it into clean, nutrient-rich products


All Wood Recycling

All Wood RecyclingAll Wood Recycling, located in Redmond Washington serves the Greater Puget Sound area providing convenient recycling services for both residential and commercial needs. All Wood Recycling makes those large and small jobs much easier with their free container drop of and pick up services.

Services include:
* Wood recycling
* Concrete recycling
* Asphalt recycling
* Free drop and pick up
* Containers
* Hauling services
* Contractor services

Whether you are a homeowner with a yard clean up jog hanging over your head, or a clearing a major development All Wood can make the job a bit easier.