ALL TROOPS - Communication Center
Note each Troop should have a representative in the designated meeting room at the Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church on tree drive day. This will facilitate communication among troops during the drive.

ALL TROOPS except 636 - Chippers
Chipper volunteers - two volunteers per Troop, ALL day. This includes cleanup at the ESP and Beaver Lake Park chipper sites.
North site chipper - East Sammamish Park (ESP)
South site chipper - Baseball fields near Beaver Lake Park
See the Drop Off Chippers page for a map of the locations.

Troop 500
Chipper and trailer rental for ESP and Beaver Lake sites

Troop 509
Flyer master
Flyer printing
North chipper site (ESP) cleanup

Troop 571
Chipper site permissions
228th Street Banner

Troop 596
Scout Tree Drive Coordinator
North chipper site (ESP) lunch
Email dispatcher Phone dispatcher

Troop 636
South chipper site (Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church) lunch
Location of unit dispatchers to meet on tree drive day
Allwood Recycling (checking for dropoffs at the Redmond location)

Troop 751
Street signs maintenance, placement, pickup
Press announcements website